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Rincon surfing etiquette & safety tips

Follow the protocol for a fun, safe surfing

With its scenic beaches, impressive breaks, and relaxed lifestyle, Rincon is widely considered to be a surfer's paradise. Wave-riders of all levels are welcomed, although beginners should take the time to acquaint themselves with the unwritten rules of the sea before paddling out. Understanding basic surfing etiquette and safety guidelines helps to ensure an enjoyable experience.

Surfing in Rincon PR

Basic Rules of Surfing Etiquette

When learning the fundamentals of the sport of surfing, newbies should demonstrate good manners, especially when sharing the waters with more experienced surfers. Below are some of the universal codes of conduct observed on the beaches of Rincon:

  • Steer clear of more seasoned surfers. Those who have perfected their timing and technique will resent being cut off or slowed down by less experienced riders.
  • Take your time. Hang back and observe the sub-culture before heading out. Get a feel for the various groups and cliques, and slowly ingratiate yourself while taking cues from the locals. Be polite and deferential, making it clear that you respect their turf.
  • Observe the "Right of Way" rule. Before attempting to catch a particular wave, check to make sure there's not another surfer eyeing the same one. Whoever is closer to the peak of the wave should be given free reign to surf it. Hang back and stay out of the wave owner's way.
  • Maintain a safe distance from other boards. Collisions can be extremely dangerous, potentially resulting in serious injury. Even the thickest wetsuits can be easily cut by the sharp rear fins of the board.
  • Don't interfere with take-offs. When paddling out, remain in the channel and avoid getting in the way of surfers who are approaching waves.
  • Respect other water sports. Kayakers, fishers, body boarders, and jet-skiers have as much right to be out on the waves as you do, so give them their space.

Surfing Safety Guidelines

Trying your hand at surfing before familiarizing yourself with the basic safety guidelines can result in serious injury. Below are some of the most important precautions to keep in mind when scouting out swells along the Rincon coastlines.

  • Get in shape. Surfing is a highly demanding physical activity that requires large amounts of strength and endurance. Before getting started, observe a regular fitness regimen to tone your muscles and build a strong foundation.
  • Be a strong swimmer. With powerful waves, quick increases in water depth, and dangerous currents, the sea requires more advanced skills than a swimming pool.
  • Learn the waters. Different surf breaks may pose different hidden hazards, such as jagged rocks and coral or powerful riptides. Ask local surfers, lifeguards, and surf shop employees for potential dangers and spots to avoid. Before heading out, take an hour or so to monitor the waves. Learn the frequency and size of the sets, as well as the "resting time" in between.
  • Steer clear of unmarked areas. Most public beaches will have designated surfing regions marked by lifeguard's flags. Never surf in densely crowded areas where swimmers are near.
  • Always bring along a companion. Not only is it more fun to have someone bear witness to your surfing successes, it also makes good safety sense in the event of a mishap.
  • Never surf "cold". Take the time to perform stretching exercises to get properly warmed up. This helps to prevent cramping, which can spell disaster for any surfing experience.
  • Don't panic if you encounter trouble. In the event of a riptide or strong current, swim parallel to the beach until you're in calmer water. Learn to recognize a rip-it will be choppier and a slightly different color than the surrounding waters. No matter what happens, always hang on to your board. In the event of a "wipe out," it can function as a lifesaving flotation device.

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