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When to Go / Weather & Climate

Timing your perfect surfing getaway

Although Rincon's main tourist season runs from just before Christmas until Labor Day, coinciding with the prime surfing conditions, the town sees a steady flow of visitors throughout the year. The majority of tourists come for the world-class surfing, which is best in the winter. For scuba divers and snorkelers, the summer season provides the calmer, flatter seas that are ideal for underwater exploration.

Accommodations will generally be more expensive and harder to find during the peak winter tourist season-not because the weather is better in Rincon during that time period, but because those who live in more seasonal climates are anxious to escape their own cold, icy locales. The coastlines of Rincon don't usually see much precipitation through the winter, with the rainy season arriving in the summer months. Although you'll spend more and will find the town more crowded with surfing participants and spectators during peak season, you'll also benefit from the festive energy and ramp-up of recreational activities and events.

By traveling to Rincon during the off-season, from mid-April to mid-December, you can save substantially on lodging and airfare while still enjoying mild temperatures and pleasant ocean breezes. During the less traveled months, the town is generally more laid-back, with the possibility of reduced services and off-season construction.

What to Expect of Rincon Weather

  • Temperatures: Ranging from 75° to 90° Fahrenheit with an average daily temperature of 82°, the island's overall climate is pleasantly mild. Temperatures dip in the winter evenings, especially in hillier areas, when a light jacket or sweater may be desired. If you're planning a summer trip, try to reserve lodging that has air conditioning, as the daytime highs tend to climb toward the upper range.
  • Wind: A nearly constant breeze blows in from the coastline, providing comfort even on the warmest of days. Winter offers the best winds for surfing.
  • Humidity: Unlike most tropical islands, Rincon has a relatively low humidity, hovering at a daily average of 55% during the day and 80% at night.
  • Precipitation: Rain is more prevalent between June and October, peaking in August. During summer and fall, some amount of precipitation falls nearly every day. The average yearly rainfall is 52 inches. Occasional hurricanes have been known to cause some wind damage in Rincon, although the bulk of the flooding and water damage usually impacts eastern Puerto Rico rather than the western islands.

With one of the most consistently pleasant climates in the world, Rincon is an ideal choice for those who want to "get away from it all" by indulging in the charms and comforts of an island getaway.

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Rincon Surf House
The Rincon Surf House is a surfers vacation home. Located only a 1 minute walk to Rincons' beautiful marina beach. A one minute drive to world class surf at Marias, Dogmans, Indicators and Domes. Walking distance to coffee shops, juice and smoothie bar, restaurants, grocery store and to the center of town. The marina is a short walk with stand up paddle board rentals, snorkeling and scuba trips at Taino divers and great restaurants.

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