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Best places to watch sunsets in Rincon

Prime places to take in Rincon's natural beauty

There's a reason why Rincon, Puerto Rico has been unofficially dubbed "the town of beautiful sunsets". Nestled along the west coast of Puerto Rico, Rincon boasts clear night skies, providing an excellent canvas for breathtaking interplays of color. Each evening, as the sun dips low on the horizon, the sky glows with an explosion of red, orange, and gold hues.

For prime sunset viewing opportunities, visit a spot that faces west. Below are some of the first-rate locations for enjoying the dramatic twilights:

  • El Faro Park: Located near the historic lighthouse, this scenic park is a great place to take in Rincon's stunning sunsets, as well as the beautiful landscapes of Puerto Rico's western coast. El Faro Park is located just off Route 413. Call 787-823-2244 for more information.
  • Sunset Paradise Villas: Located right along the Caribbean, these waterfront rentals afford a prime vantage point for viewing Rincon's spectacular nightfalls. Even the locals delight in the cozy, private homes located along the pristine coastline. Visit for more information.
  • Calypso Café & Beach Shop: Located at the scenic Maria's Beach, this popular Rincon gathering spot provides a panoramic view of the picturesque sunsets. Offering flavorful food and island music, Calypso is a mecca for wave-riding enthusiasts. Call 787-823-1626 or visit
  • Isla Desecheo: A popular destination for scuba divers and snorkelers, this tiny island is nestled along the western coast of Puerto Rico. With the Rincon Lighthouse in the distance, Desecheo provides postcard-worthy views of the area.
  • Sunset cruises: Hop on a chartered sailboat to experience Rincon's famous sunsets from the water. There are several charter services in town, including Katarina Sail Charters (787-823-7245) and Rincon Capital Water Sports (787-823-2789). Each vessel is manned by a local sailor who can provide an insider's insight into the natural splendors of Rincon.
  • Beaches: Virtually every beach in Rincon offers spectacular sunset views. Some of the most popular coasts include Rincon Point, Dogman's Beach, Tres Palmas, Sandy Beach, Indicators Beach, Playa Domes, Maria's Beach, and Spanish Wall Beach. A network of coastal trails allows beachcombers to explore the sandy dunes and find their own private spot to take in the breathtaking evening sky.

Although these locations provide prime vantage points for bidding the sun goodnight, virtually every corner of Rincon offers picturesque views of the magical union of ocean and sky.

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Rincon Surf House
The Rincon Surf House is a surfers vacation home. Located only a 1 minute walk to Rincons' beautiful marina beach. A one minute drive to world class surf at Marias, Dogmans, Indicators and Domes. Walking distance to coffee shops, juice and smoothie bar, restaurants, grocery store and to the center of town. The marina is a short walk with stand up paddle board rentals, snorkeling and scuba trips at Taino divers and great restaurants.

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