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Best known for its scenic beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and ample surfing opportunities, Rincon offers its residents and visitors an abundance of unforgettable sights. Although relaxation is one of the most popular pastimes in this coastal Puerto Rican town, tourists should schedule some time to feast their eyes and ears on Rincon's most notable offerings. Below are some of the town's can't-miss attractions and activities:

  • Punta Higuero Lighthouse: Built in 1892 and renovated in 1922, this historic lighthouse is located just north of Rincon and is still fully operational today. Also referred to as El Faro Lighthouse, it rises more than 100 feet above the Caribbean waters, offering a spectacular ocean view from its observation deck. Maritime buffs will enjoy the culture-rich nautical museum, complete with shipwreck artifacts.
  • El Faro Park: Surrounding the historic lighthouse that is its namesake, El Faro Park is a mecca for surfers and whale watchers. Telescopes are available for those hoping to catch a sneak peek at marine life or to soak in the spectacular sunsets.
  • Isla Desecheo: Its rich, interesting history makes this remote Puerto Rican island the stuff of local legends. Designated as a National Wildlife Refuge, it's currently uninhabited by humans, although Desecheo was once occupied by pirates, bandits, and the U.S. military, who used the island for artillery testing and training. Today, divers flock to Desecheo for its calm, crystal-clear waters that are ideal for scuba-diving and snorkeling. The Desecheo Dive Site provides guided tours of the waters and coral reefs surrounding the island.
  • Mona Passage: A channel of water running between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, the Mona Passage is traveled by thousands of migrating humpback whales each winter, making it a popular destination for those clamoring for a peek at the majestic maritime creatures. Its rugged currents make it a preferred spot for intermediate and advanced surfers.
  • Rincon Surf Museum: Here, resident and visiting surfers can view more than 100 vintage surfboards from the 1950s and 1960s, as well as other surfing paraphernalia. The museum is open to the public sporadically throughout the year, but appointments can be made for private tours.
  • Secret Garden Art Gallery: Located on the borders of Añasco and Rincon right on the Caribbean, this cultural gallery showcases paintings and other handiwork by local Rincon artisans. A diverse range of pieces are available for viewing or purchase.
  • The Lazy Parrot: Quite possibly the most popular restaurant and bar in Rincon, the Lazy Parrot offers a relaxed, tropical ambiance in its outdoor dining room. A diverse menu provides diners with a wide range of choices, from fish to steaks to vegetarian dishes.
  • Rincon Bay Beaches: The site of the International Surfing Championships in 1968, Rincon is one of the world's top surfing locales, offering six scenic beaches along the Atlantic and the Caribbean. The public beach attracts thousands of families each year with its calm, pristine waters, clean shoreline, and convenient amenities. Swimming, snorkeling, and sunning are among the activities of choice.

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Rincon Surf House
The Rincon Surf House is a surfers vacation home. Located only a 1 minute walk to Rincons' beautiful marina beach. A one minute drive to world class surf at Marias, Dogmans, Indicators and Domes. Walking distance to coffee shops, juice and smoothie bar, restaurants, grocery store and to the center of town. The marina is a short walk with stand up paddle board rentals, snorkeling and scuba trips at Taino divers and great restaurants.

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